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Our company's name 'Ides Inc.' comes from the initials of "International Development and Environment System".

Ides Inc. is a consultant company with our main strength lying in the fields of transportation infrastructure and environmental conservation. Balancing development and conservation is a theme that is becoming ever more important, if we are to maintain the sustainability of our society and environment. Our fundamental mission is to provide fare and comprehensive solutions to these often conflicting issues, taking into consideration the needs of the people of the area we work in. Through our effort, we also wish to contribute to the society in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the field of infrastructure, we are engaged in a wide range of activities mainly in the port sector, which include policy and development planning, construction management, operation management as well as capacity development. We are also highly experienced in port sector environmental assessment, and have provided solutions for various environmental issues associated port development and operation. Furthermore, in the environmental field, we have a wealth of experience in natural environment conservation and restoration projects. We are also focusing on projects that aim to balance natural environment conservation with community livelihood improvement.

Although we are a small company, all our staffs are qualified and experienced experts, and have exceptional technical and multi-language communication skills. Moreover, and most importantly, each has a strong sense of commitment and spirit to satisfy our clients' needs and contribute to the welfare of the people around the world.

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