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2022.5.31Our Survey Team departed for Palau for Project for Enhancement of Integrated Management of Coastal Ecosystems for Strengthening their Resilience to Climate Change
2021.5.17Our Survey Team departed for Mozambique for Assistance for Preparing Operation and Management Plan of Nacala Port
2021.3.26The Board of Directors assigned Mr. Yoichi Harada for President
2019.5.12Consulting Services for Design and Supervision of Port Related Facilities Development for Patimban Port Development Project (1) started in Indonesia
2019.1.22Our Survey Team departed for Micronesia and for Basic Data Collection Survey on Pohnpei Port Development Project
2017.9.22Our Suvey Team departed for Islamic Republic of Iran for The Project on Development of a Master Plan for Environmental Conservation and Management of Southern Coastal Areas (Case Study Hormozgan)
2017.8.27Our Survey Team departed for Indonesia for Technical Assistance on Selection of Operator for Patimban Port – Process 2 –
2017.3.29The Board of Directors assigned Mr. Satoshi Kawamura for President
2016.11.14Consulting Services for the Project for Urgent Relocation of Ferry Terminal in Dili Port started in Timor-Leste
2016.7.27Our Survey Team departed for Indonesia for The Preparatory Survey on New Port Development Project in Eastern Metropolitan Area
2015.12.9The Board of Directors assigned Mr. Shinichi Kojima for President
2015.11.10Our Survey Team departed for the Gulf States for implementation of The Three-year Partnership Program (2015-2018) of ROPME-JICA
2015.6.29Our Survey Team departed for Timor-Leste for Preparatory Survey for the Project fo Urgent Shift for Ferry Terminal in Dili Port
2015.1.18Our Survey Team departed for Data Collection Survey for the Rehabilitation of the Third Wharf in Dakar Autonomous Port
2014.2.18Our Study Team departed for Colombia and Peru to conduct Data Collection Survey on Logistics Infrastructure in Colombia and Peru
2013.9.9Our Survey Team undertakes Master Plan Study for Port Sector in the Republic of Iraq
2013.5.29Our survey team departed for Kenya to support the Mombasa Port Development Project.
2013.4.19Our homepage has been redesigned.
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