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Environmental conservation

We have worldwide experiences in various environment-related projects including, environmental impact assessment, ecosystem and socioeconomic surveys, coastal zone management and environmental restoration projects. Our qualified and experienced experts will provide appropriate solutions by employing advanced survey/analytical technologies, consulting a wide range of stakeholders and moreover through dedicated field work. We will continue our work so to contribute to the improvement of the environment and people's lives.

Environmental Impact Assessment/Environment and Social Consideration

●Environmental impact assessment of infrastructure development projects (e.g. port, road, bridge, power plant, SEZ, wastewater treatment plant)

●Impact assessment with advanced numerical simulation models

●Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and development of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

●Coordination of public consultation meetings

●Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Survey of natural and social environment

●Survey of water quality, air quality, noise, sediment quality and soil quality

●Survey of terrestrial and aquatic flora/fauna and ecosystem

●Environmental surveys using remote sensing technology

●Chemical analysis of hazardous pollutants (e.g. heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, etc.)

●Survey of socioeconomic conditions

Conservation of natural and social environment

●Development and implementation of ecosystem conservation and restoration projects (e.g. coral reefs, seaweed/seagrass beds, tidal flats, mangrove etc.)

●Development of coastal zone management and environmental management plans

●Development of habitat maps with GIS

Other services

●Environmental risk assessment (bioassays)

●Life-cycle assessment (LCA)

●Development of environmental monitoring system

●Development of environmental and land use database

●Participation in international conferences

●Research and development (e.g. pollution mechanisms, monitoring technology)

●Translation of technical documents

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